3 Super Creative San Antonio Businesses

3 Creative Business Ideas for San Antonio Entrepreneurs

San Antonio is a great place to start a new business, and for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the Lone Star state, there has never been a better time. However, that obviously doesn’t mean you should rush into a new venture without thinking about how to differentiate your product or service from the competition.

Spend a couple minutes with us and you’ll learn about three creative San Antonio businesses finding innovative new ways to stand out from the crowd. Who knows, after seeing what these entrepreneurs are up to, you might get a big idea of your own!


Be True to You!

Located at 302 East Lachapelle in San Antonio, Kunstler Brewing offers Texans a unique twist on the traditional brew-pub concept. Kunstler mixes the time-honored Bavarian brewing tradition with good ole’ Lone Star pride. If that sounds like an odd combination, it starts to make sense when you understand how this innovative San Antonio business got started.

It was founded by husband and wife duo, Vera (born in Germany) and Brent Deckard. By embracing who they are as a couple, the Deckards successfully carved out some space in the increasingly crowded craft beer market.

Create Your Own Reality

When we think about the technology industry, we tend to think about Silicon Valley—so much so that it’s easy to forget about the growing tech scene in other cities. Cities like San Antonio, for example. In fact, San Antonio is where Merge Virtual Reality set up shop to develop a more affordable alternative to expensive VR headsets like Oculus Rift and similar offerings from Sony and Samsung.

When Merge VR opened its doors back in 2013, the San Antonio tech industry was still in its infancy, and it probably seemed like a strange choice for a new tech company. Still, the founders at Merge VR saw the city’s potential and today San Antonio is a major player in the tech scene. The lesson? Anticipating trends and investing accordingly could help your business become a cornerstone of a new sector of the local economy.

Solve a Problem Better than Your Competitors

Buying tickets to sporting events and concerts has never been a fun process, mainly due to those annoying convenience fees that drive up the cost. That’s the problem SeatSmart, a young San Antonio business, set out to solve with a new ticket-buying marketplace promising millions of tickets priced lower than competitors like StubHub and others.

One lesson San Antonio entrepreneurs can learn from SeatSmart is that sometimes doing something better can be just as effective as doing something brand new. If your business idea overlaps with existing products or services, don’t give up! Instead, look for opportunities to solve the frustrations your competitors ignored.

Helping San Antonio Businesses Grow and Thrive

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