5 Top Nashville Companies That Will Inspire You

5 Top Nashville Companies to Get Excited About

“I came to Nashville not to bring inspiration, but to gain inspiration from the great movement that has taken place in this community.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Times have certainly changed since Martin Luther King, Jr., but one thing that hasn’t is how innovative and inspirational Nashville is. The “Music City” or “Athens of the South” is known for its toe-tapping music and to-die-for cuisine. It’s where song writers come to change lives with their lyrics and where chefs hope to make a statement with their food.

Nashville is certainly an exciting place to live. In fact, U.S. News and World Report ranks the city as #11 in best places to live. But besides music and food, Nashville has become an oasis for young entrepreneurs determined to run successful businesses that make a difference in the world.

Take a look at five of the top companies in Nashville to draw inspiration from.


1. Dose Healthcare

Dose Healthcare acts as an innovative solution to many of the challenges the healthcare industry faces today. Founded in 2014, the B2B healthcare company provides convenient and quality on-site healthcare to small and mid-sized employers. Dose provides worksite health clinics that focus on primary care, acute care, and employee wellness to lower healthcare costs for employers and increase employee health and productivity.

2. Built Technologies, Inc.

Besides healthcare, Nashville is a hot spot for tech startups like Built Technologies, Inc. Since its launch in 2014, Built Technologies, Inc. has quickly become the top software solution across the country for construction lenders. Instead of spreadsheets and hours of manual work, this technology company’s software gives construction lenders a simple, intuitive platform to reduce construction risk and maximize work efficiency.

3. Ingram Content Group

At the Ingram Content Group, it’s all about connecting people with words. The company works to use innovation and cutting-edge technology to distribute both print and digital books around the globe to keep people engaged and constantly reading. Besides books, the company has a passion for education and community involvement, providing an education assistance program to its employees and giving back through United Way, Red Cross, the Alzheimer’ Association, and much more.

4. Silicon Ranch Corporation

With a mission to spread renewable energy, Silicon Ranch Corporation works with commercial and industrial businesses, landowners, and developers all across the country to develop, own, and operate solar power plants. With over 2 million solar modules installed and over 422,000 tons saved in greenhouse gas emissions since its founding in 2010, Silicon Ranch Corporation serves as a leader in clean energy.

5. StudioNow

If you keep up with consumer and marketing trends, you’ve probably heard the buzz about video. In fact, video is one of the top ways to attract, engage, and retain customers through all your communication channels. StudioNow understands this better than anyone out there, serving as a video production platform that works with marketers and top brands like Netflix and Coca-Cola to create high-quality, engaging video for social media and advertising efforts.

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