San Antonio Tricentennial: 3 Tips for Local Businesses Growth

Celebrate San Antonio’s Tricentennial with 3 Business-Boosting Tips

Founded in 1718, San Antonio is celebrating its 300th birthday this year, and the city is marking the occasion with a year’s worth of events, lectures and commemorative activities. In this post, we’ll offer three tips for small for businesses near San Antonio to leverage the tricentennial to help drive revenue.


1. Throw a Tricentennial Promotion or Sale

A tricentennial-themed sales promotion, sweepstakes or contest is a great way for San Antonino businesses to join the celebration.

Read up on San Antonio history and look for natural opportunities to connect the products or services you offer to an event from the city’s past. Or, for an easy idea any San Antonio business can use, consider a 17.18% off sale.

It’s a significant enough discount to get customers excited, and the unusual percentage calls attention to the year the city was founded.

2. Create Your Own Commemorative Products

Businesses that sell physical products could easily customize top selling items with themes related to the San Antonio tricentennial. If you’re a boutique clothing shop, for example, why not recruit local artists to design commemorative graphic t-shirts? If you’re a coffee roaster, make a special tricentennial blend.

Or, simply create custom drinkware incorporating your logo with the city of San Antonio. The important thing is to have fun and get creative.

3. Get Involved with San Antonio Tricentennial Events

Check out the tricentennial website for a list of upcoming commemorative events scheduled throughout 2018. There are many ways your business could get involved.

One idea would be to sponsor an event, which would increase your brand visibility. Another possibility is to become an event vendor and sell your products remotely. If you go this route, make sure you’re equipped with mobile payment processing so customers can pay using their credit/debit cards.

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We’ll be back later with more tips for small businesses in San Antonio. In the meantime, learn more about the tricentennial, and contact us if you need help with credit card processing for your business.