Recruit Employees Effectively in Wilmington, NC

Recruiting Woes? Here’s How to Hire the Right People in Wilmington

You know the saying, “surround yourself with people who are smarter than you”? Well, when it comes to hiring for your start-up, that’s easier said than done. You’re competing against other start-ups in the Wilmington area, plus larger companies and corporations that may be able to offer larger salaries than you.

On top of that, recruiting takes time. You have to sift through resumes and weed down candidates through interviews.

So, what is a Wilmington entrepreneur to do?


You may not be able to compete with big dogs in the area, but there are still ways to help you hire the right people for your small business.

1. Know Exactly What Positions You’re Hiring For

When you post a position for hire, you’ll undoubtedly get a flood of applications. As already mentioned, going through applications takes time. Plus, larger companies have HR departments whose sole purpose is to narrow down applicants.

But what many companies get wrong is job posting details, leading to too many applicants who aren’t qualified for the position.

Avoid this mistake by firmly deciding the exact positions you need and providing plenty of detail in the job posting to weed out people before they even apply. Make sure you have qualifications clearly stated and don’t deviate from them, so you can easily discard applications that don’t fit your specific needs.

2. Prioritize Talent and Creativity

Experience is incredibly important but securing employment from people with 10+ years of experience may be a stretch if you don’t have the funds to enter a salary battle with other organizations.

As disheartening as this might sound, this gives you the opportunity to go after motivated, over-achieving individuals who offer more talent and creativity than most.

When writing job descriptions, ask for a portfolio of work or require applicants to complete a questionnaire to gauge their creativity and problem-solving skills.

And when reviewing resumes, take note of things like multiple college degrees, extracurricular activities, and volunteer opportunities. All these can give you good indications about how motivated and determined a person is.

3. Make Your Workplace Culture Stand Out

Salary only gets someone so far if they’re absolutely miserable at work. This is where having a powerful workplace culture can make all the difference. Make sure your culture includes: Purpose, Opportunity, Success, Appreciation, Well-Being, and Leadership.

People – especially millennials and younger generations – are loyal to companies that serve a greater good and take care of their people. Give employees a sense of purpose and opportunities to grow, provide a work-life balance, and build them up and empower them rather than tearing them down.

4. Offer Better Benefits

 Just like a strong company culture, offering incredible benefits can attract and retain talent more than salary. These benefits could include: work from home days, extra paid time off, free snacks and open work spaces, games, and extended maternity and paternity leave.

Another benefit people enjoy is company outings. Activities outside the office allows for team building and gives people an opportunity to hang out and relax.

Being in Wilmington certainly has its perks, so take advantage of events like the Cucalorus Film Festival or visit the World War II Battleship NORTH CAROLINA. There’s also plenty of coastal, art, and historic activities to do with your employees.

Bottom line? Show your team you care with amazing benefits and fun trips outside the office. These initiatives will help attract top talent and retain employees long-term.

EMS Supports Wilmington, NC Entrepreneurs

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While we can’t recruit talent for you, we offer merchant services that can help make it easier to run your business, so you have more time to focus on hiring the right people.

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