3 Questions Pittsburgh Businesses Need To Ask Before Choosing a Credit Card Processing Company

Electronic Payment Processing in Pittsburgh

The ‘Burgh is blowing up right now. New businesses in the Steel City are popping up left and right with no signs of slowing down. That means more and more startups are looking for Pittsburgh credit card processing solutions to make it easy for everyday Pittsburghers to purchase the creative food, beverages and merchandise they crave.

In this post we’ll explore three questions Pittsburgh businesses need to ask before choosing a credit card processing company. Already have a merchant services provider? Make sure it has the right answers to the following questions:


1. Yinz Got that Mobile Credit Card Processing and Apple Pay?

Whether you’re renting a storefront in Squirrel Hill, Shady Side or the Strip District, it’s still important to have access to a mobile credit card processing solution. You never know when you’ll find yourself at a local festival, parade or food truck rally surrounded by cashless customers who want whatever it is you’re selling.

And when it comes to the latest payment options, don’t forget to ask about payment terminals compatible with the latest NFC/EMV standards. This will allow you to accept Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and most chip cards.

2. What about Loyalty Cards and Gift Cards N’at?

Like we said before, Pittsburgh is booming. While this is great news for the City of Bridges, it means more competition for your business. That’s why it’s important to choose a credit card processing company that also offers customer loyalty and gift cards. Customer loyalty cards are great for engaging and retaining current customers while gift cards can help you reach loyal new fans.

3. Not to be “Nebby,” but do You have Virtual Terminals?

Many Pittsburgh stores also do business online. A virtual terminal is the internet-equivalent of the credit card processing machine you probably have on your counter right now. These web-based, real time credit card payment applications make it easy to process and manage card transactions in your back office, or wherever you handle that sort of thing.

Reliable Credit Card Processing for Pittsburgh Businesses

Located in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh, Electronic Merchant Systems has the answers you seek to questions like these and more.

With a merchant account from EMS you’ll be able to satisfy tech-savvy customers without sacrificing reliability or peace of mind.

Swing by our Pittsburg EMS office for more information about how we can help your business succeed in the competitive Pittsburgh market and beyond.

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Pittsburghese Glossary in Order of Appearance

Not from around the Pittsburgh area and feeling a little confused by some of the language used in this post? Here’s a glossary of “Pittsburghese” terminology:

  • The ‘Burgh: Regional slang for Pittsburgh, PA
  • Steel City: Nickname for Pittsburgh referencing the town’s early history as a major manufacturer of American steel.
  • Yinz: Regional slang for “you” or “y’all.”
  • N’at: Regional slang for “and that” or “etc…”
  • City of Bridges: Nickname for Pittsburgh referencing the numerous bridges that are integral to the city’s transportation system.
  • Nebby: Reginal slang for “nosey.”