The Best 3 Business Offices Nashville

Best Business Offices in Nashville

Some business owners are getting creative with the workplace accommodations they provide to their employees. From deviations of the standard cubicle setups to full-on kitchens and lounges, employers want their workforce to stay loyal and happy at work.

And what city is completely embracing the idea of cool, fun offices? You guess it! Nashville. This city is known for its infrastructure, innovation, and businesses, making it a hub for some of America’s best entrepreneurs in the country.

Here are some of the best business offices you can find in the city of Nashville.


The Batman Office

That’s right – there is an office building in Nashville that everybody refers to as the “Batman Office.”

Originally built in 1994, this impressive building is currently an AT&T office. There are 33 floors inside the building with the capacity to hold up to 2,000 people.

The architecture was designed by Richard Miller, a man who wanted to make an original creation people would remember. It is currently the tallest building in Nashville, making it one of the most iconic parts of the city’s skyline.

The Batman building contains more than just space for office work. There is a separate dining area meant exclusively for the executives inside of the building. There is also a climate-controlled garden that is three stories of the building.

Its nickname, “The Batman Building,” is derived from the iconic character Batman. Similar to the “ears” on Batman’s mask, the building has two points that are 617 feet long and can be seen from a distance. The building gives the illusion that it is the headquarters of everyone’s favorite masked hero.

Sony Music Offices

Sony is a large corporation with many areas of expertise from electronics to music. Sony’s country music corporate office is a stunning, vibrant place to visit.

Randy Goodman, the chairman and CEO of Sony Music, wanted to find a balance between private and open space. He created a workspace that would be efficient and help facilitate a friendly environment. With a vibrant color scheme of red, white, and solid black, these offices have a mix of lounges and private workspaces to keep all their employees happy.

There are open, sit-to-stand desks that line the windows of the office to give their employees a chance to work in a well-lit environment, plus retreat-style rooms for each department to hold meetings.

The building offers a café called The Hub Café for those who don’t want to worry about packing their lunch, and there’s a listening room for employees to listen to music being recorded.

One of the most impressive parts of this office is the central “iconic artists” corridor. This hallway features different musical artists who have had an impact on the music industry. It connects various aspects of the building, so employees have something inspirational and entertaining to look at as they travel around the office.

Houzz Office in the UBS tower

Houzz is an interior design company that was founded in California. Their offices located in Tennessee are dedicated primarily to customer service and sales.

Their Nashville offices are located on the 24th-26th floors of the UBS tower. The UBS tower is the second-highest skyscraper in the city, boasting 602,000 square feet of office space.

At such a magnificant height, employees have access to amazing views of the city from the office’s beautiful glass windows.

The most interesting aspect of the Houzz offices is the homely design. Each room or office space is designed to look like a different part of a house. For example, there’s a kids’ room with bunk beds and colorful furniture, a pool deck room with a mural of a beach, and an art gallery with paintings and pictures.

These are definitely still professional offices, but the design is to help provide a cozy atmosphere to help employees relax and enjoy working at Houzz.

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