3 New Pittsburgh Businesses to Watch

Starting a Business in Pittsburgh: 3 Creative Pittsburgh Businesses

Starting a business in Pittsburgh—or anywhere, for that matter—is a big decision. And, of course, you want to do it “right.” But, doing it right doesn’t mean you have to do it just like everyone else in the Steel City.

Spend a couple minutes with us and you’ll learn about three creative Pittsburgh businesses shaking things up across the ‘Burgh. Who knows, we might inspire your next big idea! 

Fortune Favors the Bold

Pennsylvania’s draconian liquor laws are relaxing. That means it’s easier than ever for Pittsburgh residents and businesses to exchange cash for beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages. Believe it or not, the city’s first craft distillery only recently opened its doors to the public.

Newcomers to this previously untapped (sorry) market stand to benefit from being among the first on the fledgling scene. At least, that’s what Pennsylvania Libations, a brand connecting distillers, small businesses and individuals, is banking on.

We’re not saying you need to muscle your way into the craft distillery business in Pittsburgh. What you may want to think about, however, are new opportunities to give Pittsburgh consumers something they couldn’t get before. Or, maybe it’s as simple as giving consumers an entirely new way to access the goods and services they’re already used to… Like our next creative Pittsburgh business.

Find a Cure for the Common Lunch

Ahh, the corporate lunch. On one hand, it’s a free lunch. On the other, well, you get what you pay for.

Enter Foodee, an innovative new company delivering the best eats in Pittsburgh to conference rooms everywhere—from Squirrel Hill and Shady Side to the Strip District, the North Hills and beyond.

Although founded in Canada, Foodee selected the ‘Burgh as one of its first supported U.S. cities. As a result, workers sitting atop U.S. Steel Tower on 600 Grant St. can enjoy dozens of delicious flavors from around the city without leaving the building.

What makes Foodee so special is not the physical product it delivers, but the way it makes Pittsburgh’s best lunch spots more accessible. To put it another way, Foodee succeeds because it offers an innovative, new way for consumers to enjoy the restaurants they already crave.

Solve a Problem Your Customers Didn’t Know They Had

Anyone who has ever planned a corporate event or fundraiser knows how difficult it is to piece together a memorable experience for attendees.

Central to the whole event, of course, is the location you choose to host your gathering.

Before RoomLeopard crept into the picture, finding a unique location for an event was a tedious process that involved countless phone calls and emails. Now, it’s as simple as typing your desired location into a search bar.

Need a classroom or conference room? Rent space in the River Walk Corporate Centre near Station Square and Duquesne University. Looking for something out in the ‘burbs? Check out the formal dining room at 1318 Singer Place in Wilkensburg.

Like Foodee, RoomLeopard is a creative Pittsburgh business that offers innovative new ways to access existing solutions. The takeaway? If you aren’t giving your customers something they didn’t already have, figure out how to make it easier for them to access the goods and services they know and trust.

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