In order to stand out in a highly competitive industry, a business must pride itself on providing for its customers. An industry such as merchant services can appear saturated and monotonous to consumers, as many companies offer the same services at similar prices. The common denominator are so strong that it serves any merchant services company right to pay special attention to the most prized differentiator: customer service. A positive experience with a company generates new leads, reviews, and most importantly, happy customers. Embracing a strong support system is the key to remaining competitive in any market. Here’s how a company can bolster its customer service:

Provide Online Resources

Sometimes you can help a customer without ever making direct contact with them. In fact, a lot of people prefer a quick search for answers online instead of rolling the dice on whether or not they’ll get an automated operator on the phone.

A great place to start is with a strong FAQ page. Keep in mind that a great FAQ page should be short and sweet. Too much information can confuse people and create mixed analytics from the ensuing rabbit hole of related clicks. Try to build through your search bar. Find out what people want to know! Keep your titles clean and simple then monitor the most common themes. Sounds simple, right? In the same vein, be sure to constantly update your FAQs, because curiosity never stagnates.

Focus On Troubleshooting

Remember that all it takes to resolve an issue is one service representative. A rep who listens to customers and understands their point of view is already leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Instruct reps to fall back on empathy to pinpoint issues before jumping to solutions. Then, of course, be sure to follow up on solutions and see the entire interaction through. Calling a customer back not only shows you care, but helps a service rep learn how their solution worked. Whether the solution succeeded or not, the customer feels appreciated and the knowledge of the customer service team grows stronger.

Offer Quick Tutorials

A recent Harvard Business Review study showed that offering callers a quick tutorial of services reduced churn by 6%. Additionally, companies experienced less “calls per event” due to their proactivity. It is hard to set up an accurate model to predict issues, but teaching representatives to identify patterns and make forward resolutions can pay dividends by upping customer retention and resolving issues before they even arise. Similar to the FAQ page mentioned above, proactivity can greatly increase the efficiency of the customer service department of any company, by making solutions more streamlined and reducing the need to call for help in the first place.

What EMS Is Doing

Electronic Merchant Services takes pride in its customer service. We believe customer service is a company-wide effort, and it shows in the way we offer 24/7 personalized support to our merchants. We train each of our representatives to understand the customer and overcome challenges to find solutions. Providing prompt and efficient service is a staple of our services, and we encourage all businesses to offer the same level of support to their customers.

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