New Technology Benefits Small Businesses

The Democratization of Technology refers to the process by which access to new technology rapidly continues to become more accessible to more people and small businesses.

Thanks to the mobile revolution, never has this democratization happened at a faster pace and is resulting is a huge boon to the local retailer.

In the U.S., comScore reports that 94 percent of those 18-24 years of age own a smartphone, 93 percent of those 25 to 34, 84 percent of those 35 to 54 and even 58 percent of those over the age of 55 do as well.

These numbers are huge and result in both the consumer and the local retailer having technology in their in their pockets and on the counter that can intercommunicate.

At an increasing scale, Retailers now have greater access to use and purchase technologically sophisticated solutions that in the past were only available to the big box retailers.

That's because the new breed of mobile solutions are powerful yet user-friendly for the small retailer. No longer do these retailer solutions require extensive networking expertise or costly service contracts.

Loyalty Programs

I have had a lot of experience lately with a local retailer mobile loyalty app called Flok that is a great example of how the democratization of technology is benefiting local retailers.

Flok enables small retailers the ability to have their own branded loyalty app that motivates and engages customers.

Flok requires no in-store hardware ... not even WiFi since merchant interactions take place on the customer's smartphone.

In addition to contextual rewards, Flok allows merchants to leverage beacon technology, push messaging, geo-location, and social media integration to accomplish results that were previously unattainable for the small business retailer.

Flok is a fantastic example of a product that gives local retailers digital technology that allows them to execute a merchant engagement solution far more effectively than a big box retailer could ever possibly achieve.

Local retailers are part of the community and can more effectively engage their customers in ways that are impossible from a big box retailer's marketing department.

So local retailers, what are you waiting for? User-friendly, powerful mobile tools are out there that will help you grow your business.

Most are available at a cost that is a fraction of what you pay for your home cable bill ... and they work. No better time to start than now!

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Article written by Merrell Sheehan, posted by SB