Top 7 Cleveland Networking Events for Determined Entrepreneurs

7 Cleveland Networking Events for Determined Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur is all about selling yourself and your business. Until your brand develops a face of its own, you are the face of your brand. And in order to succeed as a business owner, you need to get out there and interact with people.

One of the best ways to do this is through networking where you can meet other business owners and leave lasting impressions on potential investors and partners.

In the Cleveland area, there are tons of networking opportunities for professionals like you to attend. Here’s a list of the top Cleveland networking events to check out.


Work It Cleveland

Work it Cleveland is a recurring networking event that happens each month. It’s on the casual side, meaning you won’t have to dress up in a business suit or spend hours doing your makeup beforehand.

The location rotates each time, meaning you’ll be able to experience different places in the Cleveland area. With free prizes, appetizers, and tons of people to connect with, Work it Cleveland is a networking event you won’t want to miss!

AAF Cleveland 

AAF Cleveland is an organization focused on women who are in the field of marketing and advertising. They host networking events and work with women to achieve their dreams in the business world. AAF Cleveland has a membership system that allows women to join and have access to workshops and resources they won’t find anywhere else.

The best part is they allow businesses to put up job postings on their website, so you could also take advantage of this to recruit other talented women to your organization!

Engage! Cleveland 

Engage! Cleveland is a company that works with professionals who currently reside or aspire to move in Cleveland. They focus on teaching people everything Cleveland has to offer and help people learn about the city.

Engage! Cleveland also offers programming specifically for young professionals to help them develop their talents and grow in their industry. They work directly with employers and offer ways for their members to connect with them at events and online.

The Cleveland Professional Twenty-Thirty Club 

The Cleveland Professional Twenty-Thirty Club is an organization dedicated to helping young professionals thrive in the business world. They host over 100 events over the course of a year in hopes young people will become connected and involved in the community. In addition to networking and professionalism, their Club is a place for people to socialize and make friends.

They want people to come out of their shells and discover new things about themselves. There are also opportunities to engage in volunteer work, which is a great way to give back to Cleveland while building your brand and showing potential customers that your organization cares about your community.

The Cleveland Social Exchange

The Cleveland Social Exchange is dedicated to bringing everyone, from teachers to scientists, together in one place. It’s a networking event that will expose you to a diverse pool of professionals, making it perfect for entrepreneurs in any industry or field.

Crew Cleveland 

Crew Cleveland is an organization that has been offering networking and professional development since 1998. Their membership program offers reduced prices, exclusive events, and access to their network, CREWBiz. CREWBiz is an online network filled with business opportunities, industry discussion, and leads-sharing.

Crew Cleveland offers breakfast and lunch events, meaning you’ll be able to find a time and place that fits into your busy schedule. In addition to networking, they offer sessions, speakers, and learning excursions for those who are interested.

Cleveland Area Networking 

Cleveland Area Networking is dedicated to hosting luncheons around the first or second of each month. There are no requirements for coming, meaning it is open to the public; however, there is an at-the-door-fee of $10.

One of the most interesting aspects of a Cleveland Area Networking luncheon is everyone will have the chance to give a 90-second elevator pitch. This means you’ll be able to practice advertising yourself and what your brand is all about.

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