Best Boston Networking Groups and Events to Try

You’ve turned your idea into a promising business. You’ve lined up investors, registered your business with the city of Boston, and are on your way to growing your organization the way you’ve always envisioned.

But, there’s a problem.

When you introduce yourself to new people, they’ve never heard of your organization. Sure, it’s a big city, but you need people to know you to make your business successful. This is where networking should fit into your responsibilities as an entrepreneur and business owner.

The Benefits of Networking

Despite the digital world we all live in today, nearly 100% of people still believe face-to-face meetings are necessary for long-term business relationships. That means emails, phone calls, video conferencing, and social media will never replace the power networking has for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And in a city like Boston where there are a lot of small businesses and the competition is fierce, networking is how you get your name out there. In fact, the more connected you become, the more likely it is your company’s reach and power will grow.

While the benefits of networking are endless, some of the top advantages for entrepreneurs like yourself include:

  • Building your reputation. In the business world, reputation means everything. It could even mean the rise or fall of your business. By networking with other Boston professionals, you can build a positive reputation that others will associate with your organization.
  • Partnerships. You know the phrase, “two heads are better than one?” When it comes to business, partnerships are one of the avenues to success. Networking lets you interact with knowledgeable individuals who are interested in the same types of business as you are and may be able to fill a gap in your organization.
  • Referrals. Word of mouth is extremely powerful. People love to talk! The people you meet at networking events will talk about you to others they know and connect with you on LinkedIn, opening you up to their own professional networks.
  • Potential Sales. While networking should never be used to hard sell your business to others, just talking to people can spark interest and help with your lead generation.

Boston Networking Groups

Not every networking group in the city is going to be for you and that’s okay! Below are some of the most popular networking groups in Boston that you can take for a test run.

  1. Revolve Nation Boston Entrepreneur Group: With over 2,000 members, this is the largest entrepreneur group in the city. The group has a significant amount of credibility and exposure and provides a perfect environment for entrepreneurs to meet and innovate together with open networking and group discussions.
  2. Boston Young Professionals Association: This networking group strives to build a community for tenacious young professionals looking to get ahead. The association hosts many networking and social events around the city and offers professional development opportunities to members.
  3. Wonder Women Boston: Featured by renowned publications like The Boston Globe, Wonder Women Boston is a fast-growing community where women of all ages and businesses can come together to network and collaborate together.
  4. Network After Work: This organization is the nation’s premier host of networking events for business professionals looking to meet new people and expand their knowledge. Check out their upcoming Boston events where you can mingle with hundreds of entrepreneurs like you.

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