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iPoint POS

iPoint POS is a locally owned and operated business in Western NY. We have been providing businesses point of sale systems for over 20 years.

We try our best to resolve customer issues within 24 hours. Our business solutions providers are trained to identify the special needs of customers. Once they understand the needs of the customer they recommend a complete point of sale / payment processing system that allows you to accept payments quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Our mission is to help small businesses efficiently manage their business without compromising customer service.

As an iPoint POS customer, you are eligible for merchant services discounts through Electronic Merchant Systems. EMS provides exceptional credit card processing services that can help maximize your earnings and streamline your business. Mobile payment solutions are also available under your benefit plan.

Through our new partnership with EMS, iPoint POS is bringing its surrounding communities a merchant services partner they can trust. Did you know that EMS has the lowest credit card payment processing rates in the country? They focus on helping merchants improve their financial well-being, which is part of the reason they are committed to maintaining these low rates.


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As one of the nation’s leading providers of payment processing and merchant services, Electronic Merchant Systems has been helping businesses such as yours realize their full potential for over three decades.

Since 1988, EMS has been providing merchant services, payment processing solutions, and more to tens of thousands of merchants across the United States. 

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Electronic Merchant System

About EMS

Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, EMS currently operates in over 100 U.S. cities providing trouble-free deployment of custom solutions that will increase your profitability. Our solutions are tailored to businesses in all stages of growth, giving you an important advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace.

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To ensure maximum return on your investment, EMS will educate you on the best techniques and methods to accept non-cash forms of payment. To protect your bottom line, we also provide suspicious transaction assistance and charge-back assistance at no cost.