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The Freedom of Selling Merchant Processing Solutions

*Aretha Franklin voice* Freedom!

Now it’s hard to talk about the benefits of a set-your-workload position without sounding like an infomercial. However, it seems appropriate to imagine a black and white montage of office mishaps while someone yells “ARE YOU TIRED OF YOUR BORING, STRESSFUL DESK JOB? DO YOU FEEL NO SENSE OF VALUE OR APPRECIATION?”

While it sounds like a phony sales pitch, the reality of self-employment speaks for itself. It’s not just about setting your own schedule or working from home. A position selling merchant processing solutions boasts unlimited earning potential, ability to meet new people every day, help your community, and develop as a professional. But of course, you do get to go to lunch whenever you please, and you’ll never have to bend to appease a coworker’s eating habits ever again. That’s right, you’ve surrendered your dignity to eat Hardee’s for the third time in a week for the very last time.

Unlimited earning potential.

If you’re not feeling challenged in your current role, a competitive pay structure is just what you need. Basically, you decide how much money you make. This is one of the many benefits of being your own boss. On top of the freedom to decide to when and where you work, you also decide how much compensation you receive. You will be able to take advantage of highly competitive commission and bonus structures at whatever pace you please.

Meet new people.

You know that friend who constantly talks about work? The one who feels the need to unload all the office gossip on you every time you are trying to hang out? In a sales role, you’ll never be that friend. This is because you are constantly meeting new people and connecting with new clients. You’ll never be stuck in between Gary and Karen’s cubicles, observing more and more about them until it drives you insane.

Help your community.

One of the lesser known benefits of selling merchant processing solutions to small businesses is that you’ll be helping them get ahead of their competitors. You will be helping small businesses in your community compete with the bigger box stores. Additionally, you will get fully immersed in your community. That means you’ll be expanding your network and probably getting some free meals from local businesses along the way. Help small businesses thrive in your community and get fed for free. It’s a win-win. It’s more than a win-win, it’s like a win-win squared. It’s a win-win with a side of din-din. Sorry, I’ll stop now.

Develop as a professional.

On top of learning to keep your car clean at all times, you’ll learn a lot of new professional skills. You will become a time management guru, handshake expert, sales planning wizard, tech buff, and an overall business savvy social butterfly. Additionally, you’ll become a better consumer. You’ll be able to spot secure transactions and learn to not put yourself or your information at risk when making purchases. Just be sure not to bore your friends with your extensive knowledge of PCI Compliance. Or a first date. Trust me, save the swiping for the latest card terminals, not dating apps.


I won’t overstate this one. You’ll never be shy of a pen to endorse a check because you’ll be decked out in company swag. Also, 9 out of 10 scientists agree coffee tastes best out of a free mug.

All in all, self-employment sounds pretty dang nice. A position selling merchant processing solutions ensures improvements in the three most important areas of your life: (1) quality of life, (2) quality of occupation, and (3) the amount of freebies you receive. You’ll enjoy a work hard, play hard lifestyle with a competitive pay structure and freedom to work when and where you want–plus the occasional country fried steak breakfast platter from your local diner, free of charge.

Five Tips for Choosing the Best Merchant Services Agent Program

When it comes to the world of merchant services, it’s important to understand what the right processing relationship can bring to the table. So what should you be looking for? Consider a real estate agent partnering with a broker. In addition to a slick headshot, an agent wants to find the best compensation, flexibility and access to technology. Except for the headshot, the relationship between agent and ISO is no different. So here are the five most important tips to keep in mind when choosing an agent program:


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