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With EMS you have access to one of the most successful and widely implemented gift card programs in the industry. Gift cards provide a simple, effective way to skyrocket sales and are increasingly being used as an alternative to deep discounts. Generate new customers when used as gifts to customers’ family and friends.

The Altus Premier gift card program is completely customizable based on your desired specifications, including card designs, value denominations, single-use, re-loadable, etc..

Card Design

Gift Cards

Gift Cards replace the traditional paper based gift certificate. The card may be used multiple times until the original balance is depleted. "Cash back" can be eliminated and additional value may be placed on the card at any time. Gift cards are personalized with your own logo and design.

Retail Merchandise Credits

Retail Merchandise Credits are issued in place of a cash refund or traditional credit certificate. Why let the customer leave with their money when this gives you a second chance to satisfy their need along with guaranteeing the money will stay with your business? If the customer already has an electronic gift card, the refund can be added to the balance, but will be tracked separately as a retail merchandise credit.

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Customer Balance Inquiry Portal

Single Authorization Cards

Single Authorization Cards are used to provide for a single purchase of a qualified product or amount against the card. Only one transaction will be authorized against the card, regardless of the value of the purchase.

Employee Incentive Cards

Employee Incentive Cards are used to reward employees who meet specified criteria. Value may be added at any time for additional incentives. This tracking tool is essential for rewarding the best workers at your business while motivating the rest.

Multi Retailer Programs